The Inner Bridge
Welcome to The Inner Bridge

Welcome to The Inner Bridge

A caring space for awareness, growth and authenticity

A space for self-connection, helping you create bridges to your authentic self, to that which is real in you, your awakened and compassionate self. The Inner Bridge is also about relationships, developing and growing as a couple, creating conscious bridges with our partners, becoming aware of the dynamics which no longer serve us. The Inner Bridge is a caring space for awareness, growth and authenticity.  When you realize who you really are, your relationships transform and your whole world changes.

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Greek mythology is a wonderful source of wisdom. Each myth provides us with universal and atemporal hints to manage our lives. Venus is the archetype of compassion, affection, kindness, warmth, and beauty and Mars is the archetype of power, strength, effectiveness, energetic action, and assertion. Harmonia was one of their children. The passionate and fruitful […]

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