The Inner Bridge


Greek mythology is a wonderful source of wisdom. Each myth provides us with universal and atemporal hints to manage our lives.

Venus is the archetype of compassion, affection, kindness, warmth, and beauty and Mars is the archetype of power, strength, effectiveness, energetic action, and assertion. Harmonia was one of their children.

The passionate and fruitful love story between Venus and Mars is still happening inside of ourselves. When we experience the right balance between these two archetypes, harmony makes its appearance.

Venus is related to our need for interpersonal interaction, but when we focus too much on others we end up neglecting our own needs.

Venus can help us understand different perspectives but also can make us lose our boundaries, making us deaf to our inner voice. In that situation, Mars can support us in accessing our internal compass. Our inner voice will help us initiate action on our behalf and assert our own needs.

Mars prioritizes confronting others and engaging in constructive conflict when necessary. This archetype helps us improve our assertiveness, teaching us to say no and ask for help when we need it. An excess of this energy though can make us self-centered, domineering, and aggressive. Embracing our vulnerability and tenderness, our Venus can provide proper power and strength into our lives.

Mars dispenses energy for action, allowing us to undertake valuable pursuits and to ignite necessary changes. Mars energy can makes us resourceful and productive in achieving our goals but also hard hearted and insensitive to others in our race towards the finish line. We can use some Venus energy to connect with our hearts to inform with love and meaning our work and our relationships.

Action with no heart can dehumanize our endeavors, turning the world and ourselves into machines of productivity with no purpose. Venus harmonizes action with inner reflection and openness towards emotions. 

Venus gifts us with the ability to sense our emotional states and the capacity of expressing authentically our emotions but with not enough objectivity we can easily get caught up in suffering. Mars can help us to gain perspective, avoiding getting trapped in pain. 

How are these two energies getting along inside of yourself?

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