The Inner Bridge
Conscious Uncertainty

Conscious Uncertainty

These times are showing us something very profound about our human existence, that we are fragile and nothing has ever been certain. The very nature of existence is impermanent and today’s situation is showing us this. 

In such a state of affairs, it is likely that we are all experiencing a back and forthness between unconsciousness and consciousness. From the fear that contracts us and puts us in a survival mode mindset to a more expanded and luminous sate rooted in stillness.

We need to learn how to dance between intimacy and distance with our own feelings, meaning we want to connect with what is there and at the same time create enough space for us to see things with perspective.

When we accept what is, remaining present and open, we meet with what is happening rather than what our minds are creating. It may be genuine heartbreak or tenderness. No matter what it is, surrender to the present moment. Remain in touch with whatever arises internally and externally.

These times are an invitation to grow in awareness and compassion. Compassion starts with oneself. Hold space for the fear, the doubts, the anger, and the sadness. Make space as well for the hope, the inspiration, the gratitude and the courage that will also appear. You are going to confront the whole range of human emotions. Allow the voices to express themselves. Just be present. Welcome every voice inside of you and listen attentively to what it has to say. Meet with yourself. Observe when coping mechanisms arise and take you back to past trauma. See what you can do to alleviate the pain. Seek comfort and reassurance. It could be praying, meditating, conversing, journaling, listening to inspiring music. Take care of yourself kindly and wisely

Ask yourself: Where is the line for me? How do I know? And how do I adapt?

When stress gets too much it can break us, triggering a regression state leading to an undeveloped version of ourselves rather than a more adult one, that can handle emotions in a more constructive way. If you observe yourself going in that direction stop for a moment and ground yourself in the now. Be aware of your breathing, scan your body and see what areas are tense and need to relax. Stay there, grounded in the now. Acknowledge your feelings and your thoughts. Find rest in becoming embodied.

The right response always comes from a space of stillness and quietness. Never decide or act from agitation, confusion or fear. In order to inhabit uncertainty consciously, we need to be fully present in the now. By fighting uncertainty we suffer, we resist life. Adversity forces us to go deeper inside of ourselves, beyond expectations and fears. Uncertainty forces us to give up our agendas and be present in the now, in touch with what is happening, what is real. 

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