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Individual & Couples Sessions


I provide a safe space of care and respect in which you can open up to your inner world and gain a deeper understanding of your unconscious patterns, unresolved wounds, and explore your unknown potential, thereby shedding light on your authentic Self.

Whether you are dealing with trauma, anxiety, loneliness, grief or lack of meaning, tapping into your inner resources can bring clarity and strength to overcome challenges and to initiate life changes.

When we explore ourselves in depth, peeling the multiple layers that constitute our psyches we develop greater awareness and compassion, becoming more complete and whole.


These sessions offer a non-judgmental space in which couples can learn to relate more authentically with one another, bringing more care, compassion and consciousness into their relationship.

I accompany couples in exploring and identifying the underlying issues and defensive mechanisms that are preventing them from experiencing the level of communication, respect and intimacy they long for.

I help them to overcome the challenges and vicious cycles they find themselves trapped in by learning to communicate and relate in a more mature way. 

Couples learn how to turn conflict into an opportunity for coming closer and getting to know themselves and their partners better.

When couples decide to go their own separate ways, I mediate by helping them express their pain and come to terms with their decision, working together on finding the best way to support their children through the transition.


The benefit of a global world is that we can connect without the need of sharing the same physical space.

Dubai is a place where things can change quickly and where people come and go, which is why I offer online sessions for clients who work with me and travel regularly, or for those who are leaving Dubai and wish to continue working on their self-development.

The precious bond of trust established in a process of self-exploration can continue when you are away, wherever you may be.

Online sessions also provide a platform for people in different parts of the world interested in my approach and willing to explore my work from their home countries.

I look forward to seeing you!

All session last 75 minutes. You can attend in person here in Dubai or do an online video call. I work both in English and Spanish. Hago sesiones en Español.

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