The Inner Bridge

Nine Maps of the Soul

An online course on the nine areas of the human psyche. The knowledge about these nine ”territories” will provide you with an understanding of the psychological patterns (motivation, core values, basic fears, strengths, and challenges) of human nature, allowing you to have healthier relationships with yourself, others, and the world.

It will help you to shed light on your subconscious drives, liberating you from lifelong negative beliefs and behaviors, helping you to move forward in the areas of your life in which you feel stuck.

You will also learn the skills and tools you need to recognize your inherent talents, providing you with the self-awareness to live a more mindful and authentic life.

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What is this course about?

”Nine maps of the soul” is based on the wisdom of the Enneagram, a system that describes human nature in nine complex, intelligently organized structures. 

The Enneagram defines nine distinctive views of the world as seen from the human perspective. I call them territories. Each perspective is channeled through a set of lenses and they function according to certain laws and patterns. They are coherent in their motives, beliefs, and self-expression.

In this exploration we are going to enquire about the idiosyncrasies of these nine territories and their correspondent patterns of thinking, feeling and acting.

Even though one particular territory is our home base, the particular world view that is dominant in us, these nine energies are patrimony of our humanness.

This course was designed for everyone.

How does this course work?

“Nine maps of the soul” is a self-study online program designed to explore the nine dimensions of the human psyche.

Even though you will probably resonate more with one type than the others (the particular energy that is dominant in you), you will recognize how all nine energies are part of you.

The big difference with other approaches is that in this course the main goal is not only to identify your enneatype but to understand the nature of the different territories in order to gain knowledge about yourself.

In each territory there is a set of beliefs about what we need in life in order to have our three basic needs for love, security, and self-worthiness, met. 

These underlying beliefs operate, mostly non-consciously and automatically and therefore we have no awareness of them.

Each of the nine territories has its particular shadows. The shadow is the unknown side of oneself. As we integrate our shadow and come to terms with our darker half we become more whole.

The enneagram also provides a map to return to who we are essentially. It shows us nine different spiritual dimensions. We will learn how to ground ourselves in them, being present, and centered in our daily interactions.

What will you receive?

This 90 minutes course consists of a total of forty-seven lessons plus a private 50-minute online session with Isabel, who will answer your questions and offer guidance on the matter.

The learning material is presented in videos and their corespondent transcripts, so you can revisit the content every time you need and want to.

 A comprehensive description of the nine territories and their correspondent shadow aspects. 

Exercises and reflexions to practice over the course of four weeks to integrate the concepts and apply them to your daily life. I encourage you to find the pace that works best for you.

Guided meditations for each “territory” to help deepen your understanding of their basic nature.

Nine lessons covering the nine spiritual dimensions of each territory and their correspondent pathways to access them.


Once you complete your registration you will gain immediate access to the totality of the course.

How much time is it going to take me?

This course is a 90-minute video course. I recommend taking time to listen to the guided meditations and doing the corresponding exercises designed to be practiced on a daily basis. Everyone learns at a different pace, which is why you have lifetime access to the materials so you can revisit the content as much as you wish.

Buy this course for €130

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Buy this course for €130