The Inner Bridge
Southern France Retreat

Intuition is the whisper of the Soul.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Southern France Retreat

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Where is it taking place?

On La Ferme de Marie, a beautifully renovated farmhouse in Grasse

A long weekend retreat from the world and your daily life to deepen your self-knowledge and explore what is meaningful to your overall wellness.

You will spend 3 nights in a beautifully renovated farmhouse in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, located in the beautiful green hills north of Cannes.

Cultivating a dialogue with your intuition

You will gain clarity about the blockages and limiting beliefs that hold you down. You will become more aware of the patterns that mark your personal relationships, being able to transform the negative aspects. You will learn to cultivate a dialogue with the voice of your intuition, to be able to make choices that resonate with your truth.

You will sow new seeds that reflect your most authentic and creative self, both personally and professionally. You will share time with other human beings that will inspire you and help you in your process of self-exploration. You will laugh, play and learn.

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