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Why Shadow Work is Important

Why Shadow Work is Important

Everything in this Universe seeks growth: cells, plants, animals, and humans too.

Our psyches tend to organize themselves into levels of complexity which include deeper consciousness and greater compassion.

We are constantly, whether we like it or not, being pushed to grow and evolve. We can choose to resist the natural current and the universal law of evolution or we can engage consciously and proactively in this process of enlargement. When we are committed to our own evolution, at some point we need to embark mindfully on the journey of identifying, embracing and outgrowing our shadow material.

We tend to respond to the ever-changing demands of reality in ways that involve the least waste of energy, we, therefore, tend to repeat the same patterns of thoughts and behaviors, in a way that consistently represents a person’s identity, their style of being. Our identity gives us a sense of self, but it needs to grow and expand to move forward in service to life. 

The goal is to become aware of what is obscuring and distorting my relationship with myself and with others. Limiting beliefs, insecurities, defensive mechanisms are complexes that once served us to adjust and survive but now only constrain us. These marginalized voices rule our lives without our own participation nor consent through self-sabotaging and all sorts of internal and external conflicts and addictions.

Shadow work allows us to integrate aspects of our psyches that are disconnected, repressed or denied. The shadow material is not always negative, sometimes there are positive traits that are disowned because they question our own identity. The shadow is what is not acceptable to ourselves and what we negate, projecting it onto others. This work helps us to name it, face it and own it. We need to clean our ‘’house’’ and discard the patterns that are no longer relevant.

Our instincts are self-protective, they are hard-wired into our nervous system. When trying to work with shadow material we have to face resistance because our ego fears the unknown and the ambiguity of uncertainty. It is not easy to let go of our conditioning. The work with the shadow requires awareness and kindness. Awareness to witness chaos without identifying with it. Kindness to soften fear. Acceptance and compassion are fundamental when it comes to psychological development. The moment these aspects are recognized and accepted they cooperate with us, they mature and become integrated into a larger and richer version of ourselves.

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The protections of the past are the prisons of today

James Hollis

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