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Fear or Intuition?

Fear or Intuition?

How can we distinguish between our inner voice, which we call intuition, from the voice of fear?

Fear helps us recognize and prevent dangers. It is there to protect us, without it we would behave recklessly and ignore our own limits. When it takes excessive prominence, it makes us defensive, aggressive, isolates us and makes us perceive the world as hostile.

The voice of fear is reactive, it is linked to the past and is part of our conditioning. Our biographical experiences and those accumulated by our predecessors allow us to manage the world in a more predictable and safe way. But when our old fears take hold of us, we go back emotionally in time and perceive reality through the lens of our inner child, who feels helpless, terrified and with fewer resources.

Our inner voice is connected with the present and with the future, it guides us in the most appropriate direction for our growth and evolution. It shows us creative and original ways of being ourselves, free from our programming and our old wounds.

Our inner voice manifests our essence and is connected with our deepest truth, which is timeless and universal, but which is expressed in a personal way in each one of us. Invites us to express our potential, contributing to the world with our uniqueness. To listen to it, it is necessary to create a minimum of silence and quietness. This voice speaks subtly, almost in whispers.

Take the time to connect with yourself and create a dialogue with this voice that speaks from a place of inner knowing. Then, take some time to assimilate the information, and finally, gather your courage and strength to put it into practice.

Our inner voice asks us for coherence and courage to reach our full potential and therefore challenges us to leave our comfort zone and explore new possibilities. This is not always easy but it is certainly immensely rewarding.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Albert Einstein

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